Private Instruction

Nathaniel Smalley on location with clients in Lofoten, Norway.

Whether you are a beginner who has never taken their camera off the auto setting, or an amateur with a sound understanding of nature photography basics, Nathaniel will work along side you and help you make the leap into a new realm of nature photography. Here you’ll discover a host of creative possibilities, both in the field and the digital darkroom. Nathaniel focuses on creating an experience for you that will be both educational, informative and enjoyable. He makes every effort to ensure that your time together addresses all your questions. It is his goal that you take away the knowledge to create beautiful, compelling images and fond memories of time well spent.



Nathaniel has intimate knowledge of a variety of destinations in North America as well as numerous international countries. Based on the availability of his schedule he offers private guiding and photography instruction. With private instruction the format can easily be tailored to your specific needs and you will learn during all phases of your time with Nathaniel. Either way you’ll provided with guidance to technical aspects such as the secrets to strong composition; mastering depth of field for every situation; harnessing the light through exposure control; finding the correct color in the world of white balance; reading your histogram like a book; and how to maximize the capabilities of your equipment to get the results you want to see in your work. Nathaniel has built a portfolio showcasing images that span the wide spectrum of nature photography and not limit himself in a narrow, specialized category. So whether you want to shoot sweeping landscapes or detailed macro, wildlife or birds in flight, he has the experience in all areas to capture the image you want. That being said, all the technical know-how in the world doesn’t help if you can’t find alluring subjects. To this end Nathaniel will guide you to the best shooting locations at the right times, and provide decades of expertise, allowing you to get close to elusive wildlife. If you’re looking for a professional nature photographer who is a location specialist and offers personalized, attentive instruction this is the best option.


To sign up for one of Nathaniel’s upcoming workshops or tours please click here. If you would like to book a time to shoot and work with Nathaniel during a private session, please email him via the form on the ‘Contact’ page. You can also call him directly if you have questions. Please provide your name, email address and phone number with any correspondence. Nathaniel will reply promptly to your inquiry so that you can determine a course of action best suited to your photographic interests, as well as discuss rates and availability. Should you have any specific questions feel free to include them in your email and he will be happy to address them in his response.


  • 1 Participant:  $500/day per person
  • 2 Participants: $350/day per person
  • 3 Participants: $300/day per person
  • 4 Participants: $250/day per person

(Payable by Credit Card via PayPal).

* Pricing does not include any applicable travel fees, lodging, meals, or transportation expenses.


Nathaniel offers in depth processing tutorials via Skype covering his workflow and processing. During a tutorial you will be able to follow along through the process thanks to screen share technology. This will allow you to see what I’m doing during each step of my personal workflow from start to finish. I’ll explain the process in detail and allow you to ask as any questions you may have. I tend to recommend starting with a two hour session, if you need more instruction we can schedule additional time. This service is great for a follow up tutorial, allowing me to review your processing work after our initial session and offer critique. Typically I will use my own RAW files for processing, however we can see about the possibility of utilizing your own as well. Afterward I’ll provide you with a recorded a video of the tutorial and a Photoshop PSD of the files we worked on for you to follow along and practice with.

If you’re interested in scheduling a tutorial or have any questions, please contact me. I live in Scottsdale, Arizona so sessions will be typically be scheduled during work hours for my respective time zone, however exceptions can be made to accommodate your needs.

*Each session is copyright protected and only for your personal education, it may not be distributed in any format.


  • These lessons are available at a rate of $95 USD per hour

(Payable by Credit Card via PayPal).